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A quick note about my philosophy on books. A wise collector told me that if I bought a rock, I should buy a book at the same time. I support the knowledge within books, and I will accept any reasonable offer on a book, to promote learning.


Ohio Archaeologist Magazines - #B-1

I sold the set in the picture, but I still have many individual issues of the Ohio Archaeologists. I sell them for $2.50 each 1980 and newer. Older issues are quoted to the buyer.


Sun Circles and Human Hands - #B-2

Price: Second printing 1965. Owned and signed by known collector Roger Eaton Mounville, Alabama. $25


Overstreet - Second Edition - #B-3

Price: Some pages separating along spine. Hard to find volume. $10


Loose Auction books - #B-4

Price: $2 each, or less for entire group.


Max Shipley Auction Catalog - #B-5

Price: One of the all time classics. Many prices written in margin. $10 each.


Bottle Collecting magazines - #B-6

12 total issues that include a few auction books. Good way to introduce yourself to the hobby. $10


Keokuk Axe Book - #B-7

Price: A classic. $SOLD> THANK YOU>


Overstreet #13 - #B-8

Price: $10


North American Indian Artifacts - Lar Hothem - #B-9

Price: $10


The Archaeology of Hamilton County, Ohio - #B-10

Price: This book heavily influenced my early days in artifact finding. A classic. $SOLD> THANK YOU>


Books on shelves - #B11

These are duplicates. If you see something you like, let me know. I bet we can work something out.




Jon Dickinson

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