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Tennessee Valley Page - 8/29/18

Benton Family - #2-1

Size: 4 7/8" L x 1 5/8" W.

Provenance: TN Valley.

Condition: Super. I am not extremely happy with how the pictures turned out with this piece. It is a favorite with a pentagonal shaped re-sharpening pattern. Best guess is that the piece falls into the Benton Bottleneck family. The base and stem are ground. Pressure flaking along the edges is superior. Material is high grade with a great green/orange/tan color scheme. I think this is a Bangor Chert, but don't hold me to this call. Lower third of piece is the outer cortex of the flint.


Buzzard's Roost Creek - #2-2

Size: 4 15/16" L x 1 3/16" W

Provenance: TN River drainage.

Condition: Excellent. There are use nicks along the blade edges. Great size that this type is known for. I think this is Dover, with a splotch of bluish/gray Fort Payne near the tip.


Palmer - #2-3

Size: 2 3/8" L x 1 3/8" W

Provenance: Southern Kentucky.

Condition: Excellent. Highly serrated. On the thick side. Tip isn't perfect. Large for type.



Buzzard Roost Creek - #2-4

Size: 4 7/8" L x 1 9/16" W.

Provenance: Tennessee Valley.

Condition: Excellent. One ear is clipped. Nice striped Dover. Characteristic Buzzard Roost base. Big piece, and a collectible type.

Price: $250


Stemmed Point - #2-5

Size: 4 1/16" L x 1 3/8" W.

Provenance: Tennessee Valley.

Condition: Excellent. Large Stemmed form with a deep brown striped Dover.

Price: $75 - Reserved


Hardin - #2-6

Size: 2 3/16" L x 1" W.

Provenance: Florence County, Alabama.

Condition: Excellent. Small tip ding. Mottled Fort Payne. Sharpened down to almost losing the ears.



Something Fluted - #2-7

Size: 1 5/8" long x 1 3/16" wide

Provenance: In a frame from Alabama and Mississippi, but I have no idea.

Condition: Excellent. Other side is not fluted. Maybe a case of a later culture picking up a broken Paleo? Reminds me a bit of the Pelican type from the SE. I don't know.



Dovetail - #2-8

Size: 2 1/2" long x 1 1/16 " wide.

Provenance: Itawomba County, Mississippi.

Condition: Super. This is a great flint. Material is outstanding. Is it Buffalo River? Similar to Sonora, but not Sonora. Nice little bevels, and the base is extremely thin. Best point in the frame it came from. It will look much better without the big sticker...



4 Flints - #2-9

Size: Labeled piece is 2 1/4" long.

Provenance: Tennessee.

Condition: Excellent. Nice group of color and quality. Note the thin and well made Buffalo River Chert piece.

Price: $30 - Reserved.


5 Flints - #2-10

Size: Upper Left is 2 3/8" long.

Provenance: TN Valley frame.

Condition: Excellent. Some quality arrowheads in this group.


7 Flints - #2-11

Size: Lower Right is 1 7/8" long.

Provenance: In TN Valley frame. One labeled Alabama.

Condition: Excellent. Another batch of solid pieces.



Greenbriar - #2-12

Size: 4 1/2" L x 1 5/8" W

Provenance: Tennessee Valley.

Condition: Excellent. I don't believe the base is broken. I feel it was made this way with a single strike platform. There is an area of damage below my thumb in the second picture that creates a flat spot on the blade edge. The edge itself is superior, and I would even say it is micro serrated. Craftmanship is about as good as I have seen on a Pickwick. Great size also.



Eva - #2-13

Size: 3 1/16" L x 1 3/8" W.

Provenance: Henry County, TN.

Condition: Super. I love the color on this piece, which is the result of a water patina. Don't know it is #9, but I like it.

Price: $75 - Reserved


Big Sandy - #2-14

Size: 2" L x 1 1/8" W

Provenance: TN Valley.

Condition: Super. Fine little piece with tiny notches and serrations.

Price: $25 - Reserved.


Baker's Creek - #2-15

Size: 2 3/8" Long x 1" Wide

Provenance: Southern Kentucky.

Condition: Super. No damage. For those of You wondering, the type is not named after Jeff Baker for his immense contributions to ruining this hobby.



Dover Bifurcate - #2-16

Size: 2 1/8" L x 1 7/16"

Provenance: TN Valley

Condition. Excellent. Big and toothy serrations. Meaty minerals also that make me wonder if this didn't come from a cave setting. Striped Dover.



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